Midweek Geekiness: Getting Nerdy in the New Year

Fire up Your PVRs, DVRs, or *Cough* Favourite Torrent Sites

Hear that high-pitched squeeing…it’s Sherlock fans beside themselves in the UK for the return of the third series.  (It’s season to North American Folk, but I like ‘series’ it’s more dignified, at least I think it is.)

After smashing hearts with Dr. Who on Christmas, Steven Moffatt, with his partner in crime Mark Gatiss, now have to explain how Sherlock survived falling off a building in Reichanbach Falls today.  Unfortunately, we in North America have to wait until Sunday, January 19th for the première.  Remember the lesson on delayed gratification?  On the outside, I look patient, inside I want to troll for spoilers to figure out how the heck will they explain this one.

The return of Sherlock is one of many this new year.  For Walking Dead fans, February 9th marks the return of that show as the survivors  find themselves scattered to the four winds, while Carl and Rick hobble away from the prison.  January 19th also features the return of Downtown Abbey.  Yes, it’s totally soapy, but it’s fun!  Plus I feel proud not knowing anything about the upcoming season.  Maggie Smith‘s barbs as the Dowager countess are a given.

Moving on to Game of Thrones a return date simply means people will use their torrent of choice.  Game of Thrones once again won (?) as most pirated show on television.  Another Top 10 pirated show is Vikings coming back on February 27th.  Season 2 on The History Channel show will have the fall out of Rollo’s alliance with Ragnar’s rival.  On a personal level, I seem to like shows with sweaty, dirty protagonists now what’s up with that?

On Another Level

WordPress has instituted monthly/weekly goal selections under their ‘Settings’ menu.  I like that idea as I try to think more about ‘goals’ than ‘resolutions’.  While Midweek Geekiness will continue as a weekly feature, I want to do more library-related posts as it is what I do, and libraries have so much to offer beyond books.

Speaking of writing, I want to do a lot more of it in 2014.  I already invested in getting better by trying Grammarly.  Sometimes I do well with grammar while others I fall off the rails, not out of laziness, but I simply didn’t know.  English was not my first language, and I had some grammar training in school.  I needed to see it in action not in drill after drill.  I had some drilling during my Library Tech diploma program, but this time I felt ready to receive it after writing my own pieces to see mistakes in actions.  Trust me, I have made plenty of them.

While I have a friendly, conversational tone in my writing (at least I think I do) I take what I with pride.  I hit my two-year anniversary with WordPress, and to quote the Bachman Turner Overdrive song, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet.’


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