Music To My Ears or Richard Armitage On Audio In Wolverine: The Long Night

Let's get something out of the way. Just because Mr. Armitage signs on, doesn't mean I will necessarily take it on. Wanderlust proved a prime example. While I happily indulge in smutty material, I have limits like trying 50 Shades for 60 pages until I thought oh, lord, I can't read this dreck!  I took a … Continue reading Music To My Ears or Richard Armitage On Audio In Wolverine: The Long Night

Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 042 – Kelley Armstrong

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelley Armstrong (Bitten). She’s funny, honest, and writes enjoyable yet complex reads. It’s also perfect for National Novel Writing Prep.


Kobo Writing Life

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times Bestselling author Kelley Armstrong is interviewed by Kobo’s Nora Parker about the hot serialized summer release CITY OF THE LOST.

In the discussion, Nora and Kelley discuss:

  • How Kelley has always enjoyed the serialized 20150909-kb2_2778format and how the project came about at the request of her Canadian publisher
  • The changes required to the finished manuscript in order to optimize it for the serialized format (including the fun “previously on” snippets that Kelley has always enjoyed that are like the one minute clips you get on a serialized television program)
  • How Kelley credits her agent for the underlying idea behind CITY OF THE LOST with the comment “enough people in the US go missing each y
    ear to populate a small town”
  • Kelley’s preference for setting and how if she CAN logistically set something in Canada, she will. (ie, in the setting of this novel…

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