Music To My Ears or Richard Armitage On Audio In Wolverine: The Long Night

Let’s get something out of the way. Just because Mr. Armitage signs on, doesn’t mean I will necessarily take it on. Wanderlust proved a prime example. While I happily indulge in smutty material, I have limits like trying 50 Shades for 60 pages until I thought oh, lord, I can’t read this dreck!  I took a look at Wanderlust and thought Sorry honey, hard pass, and take your mind out of the gutter.  When I read Richard Armitage will voice Wolverine/Logan in a new Marvel podcast, on a site I never heard of, called Stitcher, some boxes got ticked starting with Mr. A aka the boyfriend in an alternative universe.

First off, I already hear podcasts on my smartphone. While I missed the boat on Serial and S-Town, my preferences vary from politics to Thirst Aid Kit, the latter indulging in my inner fangirl with two enjoyable hosts. (Plus, whenever I think I lean towards smut, somebody writes fanfic making my imagination look pristine by comparison.) Also, I enjoy mediums daring to try something different, while Welcome to the Nightvale already cornered the market on original podcasts telling a story, Marvel will attempt to construct a Marvel Podcast Universe in much the same way they created its cinematic universe, think of it as an MPU to go with the MCU. Finally, as something only available for Premium customers, I listened to enough of the free stuff on Stitcher to pull out my card and say ‘sure, count me in.’ I may come for Richard, but I will stay for some other cool things like their comedy album collection.

So, how is it overall? Readers ask. Agents Piece and Marshall, not to be confused with Mulder and Scully, investigate a massacre on a lobster boat, only to learn about two other deaths in the process. The official word says bears did it.  The town gossips name another reason-a loner named Logan. Benjamin Percy, the scriptwriter behind the series, wanted to return the character to the mystery surrounding the character. By not revealing Logan immediately, Logan snarls very little in this installment, we get to the know the other players in this drama. During my walk, I wondered if Logan really did do it, the evidence points to his infamous adamantium claws, but I always remember things do not appear as they seem, and that makes the mystery unfolding exciting. Here’s hoping listeners who talked about S-Town and Serial, come and enjoy this audio mystery steeped in fiction.

Regarding the main character, the Logan in this series returns to its pre-Jackman form, meaning he’s back to being short in stature and temperament, making Thorin look genial by comparison. Logan struggles with remembering his time with Weapon X while fighting the urge to look at other people as objects to dismember. The monologue at the end manages to confront that brutality yet conveys the sadness underneath the words from a man yearning for connection to other people. People love to talk about Wolverine’s fighting ability and the way he snarls at the society’s niceties, knowing full well the beast hides underneath. Logan, at least, knows exactly who is and doesn’t gloss it over. Further to the ‘short’ theme, you only hear Mr. Armitage as Logan for a short amount of time. The patience for the next installment simmers at the back of my mind, proving the suspense built into this series works.

For those not interested in paying for Stitcher, Perry over at Armitage Agonistes reports the podcast will stream, on all platforms, for free come August. That is good news for budget-conscious geeks and a source of envy for me…people will not have to wait until next week for the next instalment.






5 thoughts on “Music To My Ears or Richard Armitage On Audio In Wolverine: The Long Night

  1. Glad someone else is also enjoying it. Do you watch Jessica Jones, by the way? Second season seems to have a really different flavour from the first.


    1. It does and we don’t have Kilgrave, or we do for a bit. I have a feeling we will see Hellcat soon. I really like this season, especially Janet McTeer.

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