The Pachdyerm App

First off, who would name a social media platform after a long-extinct furry elephant? Second, who creates a platform more difficult to use than the bird app they are trying to better? I signed up on Mastodon or at least one of their server communities and noticed more words to use in their posts, 500, … Continue reading The Pachdyerm App

Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Not a day goes by as somebody claiming to be Richard Armitage follows me on Instagram or tries to slide into my DMs on the platform. It's a game of report-block-delete, depending if it's a message or a follow. I admit to having a certain glee reporting the asshats. First, they believe I am some … Continue reading Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Forget the Phone Book, Richard Armitage Has to Read This Book

Did I get Geneva? Do cheetahs run fast? Do Leopards have spots? Is the Pope Argentinian? However, I don't want to put it on before bed, set the timer, and fall asleep. It's what happened lately to my other audiobooks and I don't want it to happen to this one, especially not this one. While … Continue reading Forget the Phone Book, Richard Armitage Has to Read This Book

First Day Back

Today was my first day back at work, and the timing for these new Richard Armitage pictures proved perfect. Everyone, well, many people, talked about the cream-coloured sweater in a photo spread for a recent article. The one with the plaid shirt and tie was not the look or the book catching my eye in … Continue reading First Day Back

When the Universe Throws You a 6’2 inch LifeLine

When someone asks me, 'How's work?' providing a response needs its own choreography. Our department had changed before Covid and during the lockdown, things accelerated as we shifted to online services. In short, we are stressed and what keeps me from going over the edge as everyone else was on that same edge. I ignored … Continue reading When the Universe Throws You a 6’2 inch LifeLine

We Are All Fleabag

It's a typical Sunday in Winnipeg for me. I attended my 9 am spin class, also called RPM, and changed into my clothes for 11 am mass. The parish I attend has a rotation system to allow people to attend mass in person while keeping to public health orders. The mass also does a livestream … Continue reading We Are All Fleabag

Music Monday: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Tik Tok is a time suck. However, it's a fun time suck, but a time suck nonetheless. From time to time, the micro-vlogging platform comes with some gems like the various challenges popping up all over the place. In this case, Taylor Swift's classic song Wildest Dreams off her 1989 album. On Tik Tok, there's … Continue reading Music Monday: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

When people hear I work in a library, I get things along the line of, "Oh, that sounds great! All that silence and time to read." My reality: Try to remember how to sign out a book after not using the system for over a year.Mail out books if needed.Get used to our laptop loan … Continue reading When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

I can hear the LibChat notification go off in my sleep. My college began its two-week student event, and no rehearsal can anticipate one technical bug messing things up. The school year has already started, and my to-list takes on the routine of students back in classes, though it's online. For the past few weeks, … Continue reading Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

Right, This Time We Twitter Right

A while ago, I disconnected this blog from my Stacks and Ranges Twitter account and took a social media break. I reconnected a while ago and noticed I am no on as much as I used and not sharing as much personal stuff. I have people from the college following me at Stacks and Ranges … Continue reading Right, This Time We Twitter Right