The Pachdyerm App

First off, who would name a social media platform after a long-extinct furry elephant? Second, who creates a platform more difficult to use than the bird app they are trying to better?

I signed up on Mastodon or at least one of their server communities and noticed more words to use in their posts, 500, and less crap than what I saw around the bird app. However, my password doesn’t save on this site and I have to reset it every time I come back to it. This time it’s taking more time than usual to recover my password and it’s proving more frustrating than it’s worth. Honestly, Armitage’s promo for his novel works better on Tumblr and that is saying something after going downhill since getting purchased by Yahoo in 2013.

Mastodon had no idea people would flee Twitter to their app. Their decentralized framework and overall setup say we are a cozy alternative to Twitter and have no idea an idiot billionaire would buy Twitter. Well, people are desperate, especially those knowing the ugliness kept mostly at bay would come back thanks to the “free speech absolutist.” Who’s absolute in the what now?

Want to hear something interesting. While bored one day, I looked at people’s follow lists, including Richard Armitage’s list. (I have found a new hobby rest assured.) Musk was on his list then I noticed he played the part of a billionaire hoping to settle Mars in Space Sweepers. Suddenly, it made a whole lot of sense to see what kind of ego would do the things his character did in the movie. I noticed a lot of Musk, a dash of Bezos, and a heaping amount of Steve Jobs. (If Steve Jobs could push for an iVapourize to get rid of the bad press, he would do it.)

It seems every day, something new comes our of the Twitter camp. One day it’s bought, next it isn’t, and then it is. People are laid off then some hired back on then some manager gripes about lazy engineers. The Times has a feature about the chaos going on inside Twitter. It’s wild and I left before all the drama came down. In the meantime, I will stick to Instagram for cat pictures, Armitage reels, and all the latest from friends and family.

Blogging is still good too.

4 thoughts on “The Pachdyerm App

  1. Apparently Musk sent an email to all Twitter employees to either get with his program or get off the boat with the deadline tomorrow at 5 pm not sure if that’s Eastern time or Pacific
    Hope you blog more by the way ❤️

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  2. I figured that Twitter is the social media app Armitage is most familiar with and he’d go back to it sooner or later — had not figured on credible predictions that Twitter would shut down completely. I mean, who buys a $44B company and then crashes the plane? Nuts.

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