The Pachdyerm App

First off, who would name a social media platform after a long-extinct furry elephant? Second, who creates a platform more difficult to use than the bird app they are trying to better? I signed up on Mastodon or at least one of their server communities and noticed more words to use in their posts, 500, … Continue reading The Pachdyerm App

Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Not a day goes by as somebody claiming to be Richard Armitage follows me on Instagram or tries to slide into my DMs on the platform. It's a game of report-block-delete, depending if it's a message or a follow. I admit to having a certain glee reporting the asshats. First, they believe I am some … Continue reading Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Picking My Online Spaces

I started blogging with Livejournal way back in 2003. I had to get a code to access the site and found myself posting my thoughts and enjoying the process. Facebook didn't happen until 2007 when I started my Library and Information Technology program. Many classmates made up my earlier friend's list, and it taught me … Continue reading Picking My Online Spaces

Right, This Time We Twitter Right

A while ago, I disconnected this blog from my Stacks and Ranges Twitter account and took a social media break. I reconnected a while ago and noticed I am no on as much as I used and not sharing as much personal stuff. I have people from the college following me at Stacks and Ranges … Continue reading Right, This Time We Twitter Right

Digital Spring Cleaning

I deactivated Twitter. No announcement I just did it. I joined Twitter in 2009 after attending a Webinar with the librarian I worked for at the time. I learned about hashtags, how using social media can drive library engagement. Over 10 years, including a small dust up with a Winnipeg-famous figure and his fans, I … Continue reading Digital Spring Cleaning

An Interesting Read: The Silent Spiral and Social Media

I still have a half-completed post on Into the Storm to finish, but this proved too good not to share.  I originally got the summary from Tech Crunch, but I wanted people to have a good look at the actual link below. I admit to doing my fair share of shying away. I do it … Continue reading An Interesting Read: The Silent Spiral and Social Media