Right, This Time We Twitter Right

A while ago, I disconnected this blog from my Stacks and Ranges Twitter account and took a social media break. I reconnected a while ago and noticed I am no on as much as I used and not sharing as much personal stuff. I have people from the college following me at Stacks and Ranges and it did freak me out. I always said, you must be the same person online, mistakes and all, as you are offline. Hitting middle age has made me outspoke on one hand but drawing clear boundaries on the other.

I decided to create a new Twitter account for my blog content to go somewhere. I like to write and rediscovered a need to creatively express myself. At least the chances of getting in online skirmishes with a local figure and the followers of that figure are next to nothing. Now, I just have to find someone new to inadvertently piss off. It’s the way of life and social media, but the latter has algorithms. (Sidenote: I can’t believe I spelled that word right on the first try!)

Speaking of social media, guess who decided to drop broad hints about the next project?

This Guy right Here——–>

Big Hint Right Here

It looks like he’s going from one adaptation to another then to…another? Between ‘Stay Close,’ ‘The Seville Communion,’ and ‘Now and Then’ it’s three book-related roles. No wonder he loves his job, the dude was, and still is, a bookworm.

It makes me wonder how does he fit writing this thriller between working on set? I am wondering how to fit writing right now and I remember the old Nike saying ‘Just Do It.’

So, let’s do it again. (This is vow-to-write number 6, 799 and counting.)

2 thoughts on “Right, This Time We Twitter Right

  1. I just distribute over there but do not interact. Sometimes I use it to deliver an opinion to someone (which seems to be its main purpose). The improvement to my life has been significant.

    re: vowing to write — OMG. Yes. I’ve given up the vowing and am just sticking with the trying to do it. I hope he’s enjoying the prep for Seville Communion. It’s probably the most promising of his recent possible projects (imo).

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