Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Not a day goes by as somebody claiming to be Richard Armitage follows me on Instagram or tries to slide into my DMs on the platform. It’s a game of report-block-delete, depending if it’s a message or a follow. I admit to having a certain glee reporting the asshats.

First, they believe I am some gullible fangirl who can’t believe her favourite actor would contact her. Ha! First off, not a girl, a woman. Second, not even Saint Jude can broker contact between Mr. Armitage and me, so no novenas for interceding on the matter. The messages I have seen (takes a break to laugh my ass off) would never, ever, not-in-a-million years things he would write the greetings he would write. It makes me angry that some asshat gives it a try, and we are nothing but fish to bait and reel in.

Not today, asshat. Work on building authenticity by being yourself.

I would still take Instagram, even owned by ‘The Zuck’ over Twitter. I left Twitter before Elon Musk announced his intent to buy the platform. I deleted my account and felt it was an even better decision knowing he wanted to buy it. He struck me as icky and so far has confirmed as such. It does mean missing Armitage Tweets, usually different from his Instagram posts. Pensive Ruminant on her blog has screenshot two tweets lending credibility Armitage will exit the platform. (I stan a good man too.) He knows unscrupulous people, are out there and the check ensures people know it’s him rather than as a status symbol. Let’s face it, Musk’s plan to have people pay for verification will kill the site quickly rather than a long, slow death.

9 thoughts on “Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

  1. I’m not on Twitter. I think Musk is gross. I think you were being kind with icky. I hope it sinks and takes all the bullies and trolls with it.
    Apparently Richard is on Mastdon or something with a M that is new. If you decide to venture there a post review would be great ❤️

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  2. If he can find a way to navigate Instagram, he should stick with that. There’s no way even a fraction of his followers will be able to use Mastodon successfully. That said, fascinating that he cares NOW all of a sudden about fake Armitages, which have been around since well before he embraced Twitter (and, I assume, longer).

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    1. I have thoughts about Mastadon. Many people who left Twitter stayed on Instagram, there’s a more robust reporting systems relatively speaking.


      1. Makes sense to me. I am barely on it myself. Between stories and reels, You can do a lot. Didn’t he dump FB after the Cambridge Analytica scandal?


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