Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Not a day goes by as somebody claiming to be Richard Armitage follows me on Instagram or tries to slide into my DMs on the platform. It's a game of report-block-delete, depending if it's a message or a follow. I admit to having a certain glee reporting the asshats. First, they believe I am some … Continue reading Playing Armitage Whack-A-Mole

Midweek Geekiness: The Post Holiday Edition

Sometimes I arrive at Wednesdays with nothing to write about.  While on holidays between comic con and the promotion for The Bourne Legacy, I felt a little overwhelmed.  Why not approach the first Midweek Geekiness the way I approach going back to work on holidays-a combination of slowly and break-neck speed. Loki and Ned Visit … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: The Post Holiday Edition