Midweek Geekiness: The Post Holiday Edition

Sometimes I arrive at Wednesdays with nothing to write about.  While on holidays between comic con and the promotion for The Bourne Legacy, I felt a little overwhelmed.  Why not approach the first Midweek Geekiness the way I approach going back to work on holidays-a combination of slowly and break-neck speed.

Loki and Ned Visit Quahog

I knew Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, was a complete geek.  He even had some guest shots on the last Star Trek series Enterprise.  He knows what can ring a nerd’s bell, and this time the man set the chimes ringing.  Having an episode with a character voiced by Sean Bean is one thing, while having an episode voice by Tom Hiddleston is quite another.  Both will appear together in an upcoming episode of Family Guy in the fall.  No details as of yet, but my money is already Sean Bean dying over and over again in this one.

Facebook Goodness Courtesy of Nathan Fillion

My friend M on Facebook knows my two weaknesses:  really cute guys and reading.  She came across something sending me into giddy convulsions in my seat.  The Austin Browncoats Facebook page shared this creation, and despite my best efforts I can’t find who originally put the image and words together to share with the internet.  Whomever you are, thank you!!  (Plus an extra scoop of thank you to M herself.)

For people who don’t know, Nathan Fillion was one of the co-creators of an organization called Kids Need to Read.  The goal is to supply books to libraries without the funding to go out and buy their materials.  For the son of two English teachers, and once playing a rogue with a heart of gold, this is wrong.  The combination of Malcolm Reynolds and Fillion’s own words makes my heart sprout wings and flutter.

From Browncoats to Avengers

Seven clips  made their début online in advance of The Avengers release on DVD.  I saw the movie multiple times, enough for close friends to consider an intervention.  (Two reasons:  Jeremy Renner.)  While everyone has a favourite scene, mine happens to be one that includes two Whedon trademarks:

1.  A group of individuals coming together

2.  Sly humour

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