More Musical Discoveries



I prowl the alternative music section of iTunes.  I randomly click on song titles arousing interest.  Other times a song heard on a show resonates with me and I must have it.  I just pray it’s 99 cents.  Most of the times it’s $1.29 then I hope to not go completely nuts.  I even considered buying myself iTunes cards to put myself on some sort of budget.  What’s ended up on my iPod?  I already posted a couple of videos from YouTube in previous entries.

Here are some more:

The Lumineers-Ho Hey

An accidental discovery on iTunes.  I love their folky, upbeat sound.  Hear this song once and I believe it will live in your head for all eternity:

Enrique Iglesias Rhythm Divine

This is the only song I like.  When the opening begins, the hips start to sway.  Him?  Never.

K’naan-In The Beginning

True Blood brought me this song, but apparently it also featured prominently in Harold and Kumar (!) as well.  Powerful percussions and thoughtful lyrics can push a fitness work out, simple housework.  In my case a bit of both.
Sorry, Folks, no official video. This will have to do:

Lucenzo feat. Big Ali-Vem Dancar Kuduro

Finally, let’s end with a Portuguese import.  Mine is a little rusty, but who cares:


Just dance people!!


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