An Interesting Read: The Silent Spiral and Social Media

I still have a half-completed post on Into the Storm to finish, but this proved too good not to share.  I originally got the summary from Tech Crunch, but I wanted people to have a good look at the actual link below. I admit to doing my fair share of shying away. I do it in the name of being ‘nice’. I forget sometimes being nice and doing the right thing diverge from one another. I can still share an opinion, and I will also share a counter opinion if I have to as well.

I do remember the times people flamed me online. When people say “I am getting off social media for a while” they feel tired of dealing with the trolls, or fanatics, or even trollish fanatics.  It’s not just politics. I see it with fandom from time to time as early adopters look down noses at the ‘noobs’. It doesn’t matter if the early adopter starting adopting a fandom in a later season, or later in an performer’s career. It makes people scared to share an option, or ask a simple question. It actually saddens me if people have to qualify something with ‘please don’t send me hate mail in my ask box’ on Tumblr.

That’s only over an English actor.  Can you imagine heavy issues like abortion, gun control, and stem cell research?

Have a look below, or check out Tech Crunch’s own summary with a link to the full report as well.



2 thoughts on “An Interesting Read: The Silent Spiral and Social Media

    1. I don’t think they took a look at who would stay silent in social media or real life. If that were all true, we wouldn’t had the Arab Spring.


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