Coffee at Gene-O’s

I went over to Just Gene-O to have coffee in the cyber-sense of the word. Before I opened my blog to write, I made some coffee. On Friday I had every intention to finish my Into the Storm post, but I simply felt tired. I just wanted to sleep, feeling like a cranky toddler as I talked to my mother. I looked over at my clock, the clocked glowed 7:30 as I pulled the covers over me. BOOM! I fell into a series of tense dreams as my brain tried to process the week.

I have a half-completed post about Intro the Storm complete with an actual storm over Winnipeg this past Thursday. Currently, I battle through another posting block. Every time I write something down, I stop, then its a few days before I write again. As a person with verb-tense problems in my writing, leaving things for a few days makes it worse. Other than waiting for a friend of mine to cover over to watch True Blood, my weekend has remained on the quiet side.

3 thoughts on “Coffee at Gene-O’s

    1. No it’s not about pressure. I sometimes need a recharge after interacting all day with people and tech. I am also writing any chance I get. I know people just want to know about the film, the same reason I want to know about The Crucible.


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