Coffee Sunday

It started with a post last week titled Coffee At Gene-O’s.  The coffee posts began after reading a series of such posts from Part Time Monster’s blog, usually called If We Were Having Coffee.  It later moved as a sort-of link up over at Just Gene-O’s. It’s simply, really, just write about a day as if talking with someone over coffee.

Saying a True Farewell to True Blood

My Sunday started with a bit of coffee before moving to hosting an afternoon showing of True Blood‘s final season. I record the episodes, my friend comes over for a little wine, a little nosh, and binge-watching in tiny doses. It’s possible to binge a bit at a time. In True Blood’s case, it became more of an obligation to finish the season then anxiously watching a new episode. I have no idea about the show’s ratings, but after last year’s Lilith debacle, it’s time for the show to finish. The novel series finished, and it made sense for the show to follow. At least the show’s producers had enough good sense things as opposed to other shows matching their decline with a ratings drop.

In the end, True Blood ends the latest vampire wave begun with Twilight. We can argue chicken-and-egg style regarding who came first, but I still remember seeing Twilight and feeling something seemed missing. Fast forward to hearing HBO took a chance on a show about vampires in the Louisiana, also based on a series of novels, and seeing the DVD on the new releases shelf at Roger’s video.  (Why did it seem like so long ago writing that last sentence?)

It started here:


I just remember the deep-voiced way he said ‘Sookie’, and binge-watched the rest of the videos. I did remember saying to V to watch this show, from HBO, and saying “we have a vampire that can brood properly. Never send a boy (Pattinson) to do a man’s job.” The rest has now passed into history.


The 2014 Winnipeg Civic Elections, Or Nobody Needs to Get High to Have Crazy Ideas

While I have not written posts, my Twitter feed has lit on fire over the Mayoral Election in Winnipeg. We have 9 candidates for Mayor. No, none of them seem to have a drug problem. Although you might think someone does with stuff like this:

Gord Steeves Dumb Idea


I hyper-linked the image to the full article, but it’s only the proverbial tip of the iceberg in this election. How about this one from candidate Brian Bowman:

Mr. Bowman later accused Judy Wasylycia-Leis of being a ‘professional politician’. His power of the quip, after all he’s a lawyer, doesn’t just stop at left-of-centre candidates:

The election is on October 22nd. Something tells me Winnipeg will go from the sublime to the ridiculous pretty quickly.

One More Thing

Regarding review/fan girl diatribe over this guy in his latest movie:

Image: Armitage Agonistes Blog

It’s coming. Right now I research Mayoral candidates as a way to put one foot . I may need to plant my other foot in something a little fantastical in short order.

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