When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

When people hear I work in a library, I get things along the line of, “Oh, that sounds great! All that silence and time to read.”

My reality:

  • Try to remember how to sign out a book after not using the system for over a year.
  • Mail out books if needed.
  • Get used to our laptop loan program.
  • Keep COVID protocols uppermost in our minds
  • Have a infor desk involving answering in-person questions, virtual chat questions, and answering phones while masked. (Sometimes doing a combination of all three.
  • The Libchat chime going off somewhere in our library, usually upfront.
  • Keeping a headset close by in case a student or staff member needs a quick video chat, with screen sharing to demonstrate something on our website.

Honestly, everything feels good. For the first time, I felt like something got restored, even if it’s a small thing. Now, who is the ‘He’ and why am I glad he shaved off his beard? Let’s supply one narrative strand. I needed the find Richard Armitage in full hobbit beard.

Now to the other strand of this story.

As part of good mental hygiene because, let’s face it, the politics surrounding COVID and vaccines can try the patience of a saint, I dip in and out of social media to get my news. The CBC Manitoba twitter reported about a rally, attended by 300 people, in Winkler, Manitoba. For my American readers, it’s one of two religous strongholds in the province. It’s the usual my-body-my choice chants, blah-blah freedom, and the determination to not put masks on kids.

I read this article and hit a spot where my brain went NO! NO! OH GOD NO! OHMYOHMYOHMY! NOOOOO!

It’s not another outlandish thing from the covid-deniers. Nope. It was a member of the hard-right People’s Party of Canada’s candidate for the area, Noel Gautron. It was more like who he looked like and perhaps this was a better, but no less hotter, reference point:

I mentally talked myself down, remembering his birthday video and clean-shaven face. This moment of time already has its share of weirdness and, for once, I feel glad Armitage’s ability to disappear into his characters doesn’t give him name recognition. Also, this PPC guy may look like him, but nothing makes a man uglier than hate.

24 thoughts on “When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

  1. Crazy men who refuse vaccination will start looking like 2011 Richard Armitage: that’s the incentive?

    Although I *do* love the beard.

    Herba (RA blogger in Germany, also librarian) went back for the first time today, too.


      1. Sorry, we have asshats too. However, we are mostly sane. It depends on what part of Canada you go to, much like places even within a state. I admit, my compassion has stretched think lately. The stakes iwth the Delta variant are much, much higher and some &^!@ adults will not get the jab.

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  2. RIchard in beard in Bday video would have been ideal for my personal preference
    Are you glad youโ€™re back? I wear a mask 11 hours a day minus 1 hour lunch but worth every second ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ


    1. I am glad and so are the students. At least they get stable wi-fi. I wear a mask except in the office. My co-worker and I are far enough apart we can go without it unless someone else comes in.

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      1. Yup I am sure the students are and stable wi fi always a plus! Iโ€™ve sort of taken the mask now and collected different kinds and given them as gifts which I know sounds weird but I think we will be wearing them for a while yet


      2. I have to wear non-cloth masks on campus. I favour my Under Armour masks, espeically for my work outs. (I might put that over work masks, but I need to launder it first.)

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      3. Well I do find some โ€œ fashion โ€œ in masks and I just bought a ABBA mask in honor of Voyage โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜
        Good idea with the Under Armour masks with your work outs ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

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  3. I feel you. My first day back in the office after more than 16 months in home office was really crazy.
    Had to remember myself constantly to wear a mask when leaving my office (forgot it most of the time, remembered half the way and had to walk back to the office to get the damn mask ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) couldn’t remember how to remote access my office computer when on our information desk because I hadn’t done that in the last 16 month and a lot of other ‘brain freeze’ moments *lol*
    (I won’t get into the mess my office was thanks to my boss and co-workers and the fact that I was all alone with only one student helper and had no work instructions for all the new things we have to do due to Covid)

    But our patrons are mostly happy they are able to use our library, even if it’s only possible for members of the university and not the generall public and they have to book an ‘appointment’ online beforehand. So I’ll do my very best to stay positive and professional and hope for better times without the fear of getting ill

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    1. We are also not open to the public. I have to upload my vaccine card to our college app as well. I had a lot of those ‘brain freeze’ moments and had a colleague who was on campus more than I was not making reetry easy.

      WTF no instructions!!!! That is unfalir and dumb. Where can I ship you alchohol? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Ugh. A Peoples’ Party of Canada Richard look-alike? Still won’t make me vote for them! Heaven forbid. Stupid time for an election, though, in my opinion. I think it will likely backfire for Trudeau, unfortunately. Stability would have been better.

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