When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

When people hear I work in a library, I get things along the line of, "Oh, that sounds great! All that silence and time to read." My reality: Try to remember how to sign out a book after not using the system for over a year.Mail out books if needed.Get used to our laptop loan … Continue reading When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

I can hear the LibChat notification go off in my sleep. My college began its two-week student event, and no rehearsal can anticipate one technical bug messing things up. The school year has already started, and my to-list takes on the routine of students back in classes, though it's online. For the past few weeks, … Continue reading Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

Music Monday: Sæglópur by Sigur Ros

https://youtu.be/TFHCWZh0_Co I got the heck out of dodge. By dodge, I mean 'Winnipeg' for a short gateaway. Technicially, I needed to stay home for 14 days to make the vaccine gain full immunity. In the end, I wanted to get out and have some time away from my condo, away from the city, and return … Continue reading Music Monday: Sæglópur by Sigur Ros

News From Winnipeg Love Hate

I followed Bryan Scott's photoblog Winnipeg Love Hate for awhile. In addition to photographing Winnipeg, he started to take day trips around Manitoba. The first book covered Winnipeg in all its weird glory, with text written by CBC journalist Bartley Kives. This time Scott and Kives tour around Manitoba, giving a fuller picture of the … Continue reading News From Winnipeg Love Hate

Preparing To Fly This Coop

Winnipeg has begun to feel claustrophobic. Let the irony sink in as I will trade this city for New York, a densely populated metropolis, in a short time. They say Winnipeg feels like a city with a small-town feel. We do have a thriving arts scene, the roll-up-your-sleeves kind, we have the NHL Jets and … Continue reading Preparing To Fly This Coop

The Curiosity Business

Today marks Library Support Workers day in Canada.  For those who don't know, it's the third Friday of October usually marked by well-wishes in the library.  (Hopefully, also marked by food as it always goes well with said well wishes.)  For those in need of something official, have a look at CLA President Pilar Martinez's proclamation … Continue reading The Curiosity Business

We Interupt This Midweek Geekiness to Bring You…a Book Launch Recap

I had a piece on Tumblr half ready for posting, but yesterday proved too good to pass up.  Chadwick Ginther had his book launch for Tombstone Blues, the sequel to the Aurora Award-nominated novel Thunder Road.  McNally Robinson once again hosted the event, and once again it was well attended.  While friends and family sat … Continue reading We Interupt This Midweek Geekiness to Bring You…a Book Launch Recap

Why, Yes, I Am A Nerd

People remark I get excited over the weirdest things.  They don't say it as an insult, just an observation.  However, I do get excited over the weird as well as the ordinary.  As a library technician, nothing gets my geek on as something to make student's lives a little bit more easier.  By 'easier' I … Continue reading Why, Yes, I Am A Nerd

Midweek Geekiness

After geeking live from the curvy landscape of Alberta, it's now back to work  in the flat lands of Manitoba.  I have another chunk of holidays in July to do mostly at-home things.  (My zone regulator needs replacing to make my place less like a sauna in the middle of winter.  Yes, some places are … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness