News From Winnipeg Love Hate

I followed Bryan Scott’s photoblog Winnipeg Love Hate for awhile. In addition to photographing Winnipeg, he started to take day trips around Manitoba. The first book covered Winnipeg in all its weird glory, with text written by CBC journalist Bartley Kives. This time Scott and Kives tour around Manitoba, giving a fuller picture of the province normally flown over in towards other major cities.

Stuck in the Middle 2: Defining Views of Manitoba Coming this fall!—a new book of my photos and Bartley Kives’s writing.This time we’ve ventured outside of Winnipeg for an in depth look at Manitoba. From the back cover: Somewhere between North Dakota and Nunavut sits a curious land with a coastline patrolled by polar bears,…

via Stuck in the Middle 2: Defining Views of Manitoba — Winnipeg Love Hate

2 thoughts on “News From Winnipeg Love Hate

  1. There’s lots of unspoiled land through Manitoba. I drove through years ago and had to stop at the side of the highway with my then six-year-old. Nothing but dense forest and the possibility of bears!


    1. I remembered driving through Jasper and seeing people pull over, get out, and take pictures of adolescent bears fresh from hibernation. #Darwinawardnom

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