Music Monday: I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan

I changed up my routine by going to the St. James Y, an easy 15-minute drive from my area, plus free parking. After hearing chapters 9 and part of 10 from the Audible Audio version of David Copperfield, reaching the place where, spoiler alert, Davy’s mother died, I needed something slightly happier on the balance board.

Enter Chaka Khan.

When I saw those balance boards, I wondered how long to balance myself on it. I decided a song, especially a song played twice would do it. I pick a board, preferably the see-saw variety, place my feet, and get my bearings. After my back injury two years ago, I wanted my core strengthened and heard about these sorts of boards.

Anyway, this time I picked this Chaka Khan classic. I played the song and hopped on the board. I usually stand in from of the windows like this one:


I look outside, grab hold of something if I go lop-sided, and play the track. This time, I managed to let go and put my arms to the side. The best part, I managed to do it right at the song’s climax. Cushion-y me, with her wild-patterned exercise leggings, managed to approximate mountain pose on this wobbly board.

If you ever see a balance board at your local gym, cue up your favourite song, hop on, and try to balance for the whole song. Yeah, it sounds dorky, but it’s fun. I think we forget about getting healthy as fun every once in a while.


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