Music Monday: Snow on the Beach by Taylor Swift Official Lyric Video It's actually Sunday as I write this first Music Monday in a long time. Outside the snow falls gently, remaining white on my car but turning the pavement wet. It's not the right conditions to remain on the ground, but winter is coming and I have a puffer coat from Torrid … Continue reading Music Monday: Snow on the Beach by Taylor Swift

Music Monday: Get Me Through December by Natalie McMaster & Alison Krauss The track appears on McMaster's album In My Hands, released in 1999 I used to like December. I like almost being done school, knowing Christmas was around the corner, and another year winding down before stepping into a new one. Even while working, first at a restaurant job, then in book retail, with a … Continue reading Music Monday: Get Me Through December by Natalie McMaster & Alison Krauss

Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

December begins the month of winding down and looking back. Before those end-of-year lists arrive in bunches, first comes Spotify Wrapped or, as I like to call it, how much time I spend with my earphones on at the office. By 'office,' I also include at home. On social media, people present their findings for … Continue reading Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

Music Monday: Stephen Sondheim

When I was a kid, Judy Collins appeared on television and sang 'Send in the Clowns.' I felt sad as she sang the words: Isn't it rich?Are we a pair?Me here at last on the groundYou in mid-airSend in the clowns It was the 70's and I assumed all pop music was like that, sad … Continue reading Music Monday: Stephen Sondheim

Music Monday: Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits

(I know I said no more embedding, but the video for this selection proved essential to show for this post.) A Miami Vice episode entitled 'Out Where the Buses Don't Run' marked the first time I heard this song. I knew it was Dire Straits from Mark Knopfler's singing to the guitar chords. Brothers … Continue reading Music Monday: Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits

Music Monday: Waterloo by ABBA

I had to make a decision about participating in National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo) or giving National Blog Posting Month (NaBloMo) a shot. Both happen in November and both can help me build a writing habit. I had no new novel ideas to draft and the old ideas didn't want to get picked up. … Continue reading Music Monday: Waterloo by ABBA

Music Monday: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Tik Tok is a time suck. However, it's a fun time suck, but a time suck nonetheless. From time to time, the micro-vlogging platform comes with some gems like the various challenges popping up all over the place. In this case, Taylor Swift's classic song Wildest Dreams off her 1989 album. On Tik Tok, there's … Continue reading Music Monday: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Music Monday: ABBA

Note: From now on I am linking to videos instead of embedding them. I am not taking any chances with copyright. ABBA has a Tik Tok. The short-video, social media platform comes on and off my phone. The cat videos lure me in and one night while making myself put away the phone to … Continue reading Music Monday: ABBA

Music Monday: F**k You by Lily Allen Take 2: Instead of the official video, let's try a lyric one This track, and its artist, criss-crosses reference points in my life. Let's start with Lilly Allen's husband, David Harbour. He's Sherrif Hopper on 'Stranger Things' among other things I have seen him in. He's a good actor and I saw him in … Continue reading Music Monday: F**k You by Lily Allen

Music Monday: Sæglópur by Sigur Ros I got the heck out of dodge. By dodge, I mean 'Winnipeg' for a short gateaway. Technicially, I needed to stay home for 14 days to make the vaccine gain full immunity. In the end, I wanted to get out and have some time away from my condo, away from the city, and return … Continue reading Music Monday: Sæglópur by Sigur Ros