Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

December begins the month of winding down and looking back. Before those end-of-year lists arrive in bunches, first comes Spotify Wrapped or, as I like to call it, how much time I spend with my earphones on at the office.

By ‘office,’ I also include at home.

On social media, people present their findings for self-deprecating humour or express surprise at that one song they didn’t expect to receive so many plays. Me? None of it surprises me except my most-listened-to podcast because I expected ‘Unlocking Us’ to finish on top, not ‘Dare to Lead.’ (On second thought, considering the types of episodes played from the podcast, it makes sense.

At first, the artist topping my list nearly caused surprise until I stopped and thought, nope, it makes total sense. Gentle readers, the time has come, to tell the truth about an artist, and I find myself more and more willing to take my place in their fandom.

The secret is out!

There you have it, I am a Swiftie. Do I want to put money in the coffers of those conspiring with Scooter Braun and the investors who bought Taylor Swift’s music? No. ‘Out of the Wood’ was a banger of a track, and I look forward to Taylor’s Version emerging to help make their scheme increasingly worthless. However, Evermore helped make those 527 minutes, especially the intriguing ‘No Body, No Crime’ proving her hours of watching Law & Order: SVU paid off. (She named one of her cats Olivia after Detective Olivia Benson from the show.)

What else does my Spotify Wrapped reveal? How about my aura?

I love the aura colours.

This is new for 2021. Spotify used their techno-magic, aka the algorithm, to get a sense of someone’s ‘Audio Aura. I like empowering songs, no matter the genre. It’s not only to get motivated at the gym but also to get up in the morning. Period. The pandemic dragged on with change after change piled on at work. Why not a track to serve as a soundtrack while doing that Libguide, answering the question on LibChat, or playing in my head in numerous staff meetings. (So. Many. Meetings.)

Speaking of soundtracks…

I have no idea how ‘New Moon on Monday’ turned into the big-kiss track, but the other two fit. It’s a fun way to introduce what even Spotify stated was anything but normal this year. If 2021 was anything but normal after 2020 turned into a complete washout, then 2022 will either get better or more of the same.

Let’s end with my most listened to song of 2021, from Marisha Wallace an American actress based in the UK and known for her musical theatre work in the West End:

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: Spotify Wrapped

    1. Good question. I am not a fan of her earlier stuff and the original version of Red seemed ‘young’ at the time. Her songwriting has matured, she’s taking musical chances, and her loves songs sound less adolescent. I had ‘Lover’ on repeat, even a more stripped down version. She has grown and changed as a person and for her to re-record her stuff, on the advice of Kelly Clarkson who suggested it, takes guts. There’s a lot more but I know she’s not for everyone.

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      1. I only ever hear her out of the corner of my ears (and I haven’t been able to listen to much music the last few years). I do note that a lot of people I respect have her on regular replay, though.


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