Midweek Geekiness

After geeking live from the curvy landscape of Alberta, it’s now back to work  in the flat lands of Manitoba.  I have another chunk of holidays in July to do mostly at-home things.  (My zone regulator needs replacing to make my place less like a sauna in the middle of winter.  Yes, some places are simply too hot in the middle of a cold, Manitoba winter…go figure.)

Commence the geeking…

The New Rules of Television

Alright, Michael Fassbender drew me to the cover of Details magazine.  Inside the men’s magazine comes an article about the new ‘rules’ for television.  The article entitled Stop Flipping! The New Rules of TV details the right way to marathon a series to ‘literacy lists’ from notable show creators like Graham Yost (Justified, Boomtown, and yes he wrote the screen play for Speed.)  The best one lists the rules for spoilers, leading me to pick up a few tips including not talking around spoilers.  (Guilty as charged.)

Waiting for the Vamps to Make Their Return

In preparation for True Blood Season 5, I already watched 3 episodes of season 4 as part of my marathon-catch-up plan.  I admit season 4 proved a little disappointing as Dead to the Word is my favourite Sookie Stackhouse novel.  However, a shirtless Alexander Skarsgard makes up for it; A shirtless Skarsgard and Joe Manganello can make many reach for the fainting couch and the smelling salts.

Not to say Stephen Moyer is a slouch.  Winnipeg girls, transplanted to New Zealand or not, do not marry slouches. (Well not always.  Sometimes…it just seems like all the time.)  We saw Bill Compton go from brooding newcomer in Bon Temps (somewhat), to a man hiding a motivation, and now King of Louisiana.  Making Bill a vampire king proved a good move from the novel to television as the whole vampire database idea would not fly.  (Although True Blood does make some sly references to Google as a holder of vampire power, or showing vamp antics on YouTube.)

Now with days left until the June 10th première, the clips begin to appear like blood stains on a shirt.  My favourite clip involves a reversal of fortunes as Sheriff Northman, once the provider of power trips over Bill, realizes the work imbalance involved in covering up Nan Flanagan’s death:

More Avengers Geekiness with Hawkeye and Loki aka Jeremy Renner and Tom Hiddleston

Things remain red-hot for Jeremy Renner and Tom Hiddleston with The Avengers only one of many projects coming down the pike to showcase their talents.  While people await The Deep Blue See and The Bourne Legacy, movies also starring that talented, and lucky,  actress named Rachel Weisz,what else have they done?  Below is a little starter list of movies/TV featuring both men.  I accessed the Winnipeg Public Library online catalogue, but went mostly by title.  If a person tries to access by last name, first name (Renner, Jeremy; Hiddleston, Tom) their movie parts may not be enough to warrant a listing.  I suggest going by movie title if you want to access another library’s online catalogue.

Tom Hiddleston
  • War Horse
  • Ms Austen Regrets (You have to see it with the 2008 version of Sense and Sensibility)
  • Wallender (His co-star was Thor Director Kenneth Branagh.  Available on Netflix.)
Jeremy Renner
  • The Unusuals (A short-lived series on ABC that should have started on cable.  Available on Netflix)
  •  28 Weeks Later (Sequel to 28 Days Later)
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Angel episode entitled Somnambulist (The episode that first brought Renner to Joss Whedon’s attention and also available on Netflix)

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