When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

When people hear I work in a library, I get things along the line of, "Oh, that sounds great! All that silence and time to read." My reality: Try to remember how to sign out a book after not using the system for over a year.Mail out books if needed.Get used to our laptop loan … Continue reading When You’re Glad He Shaved His Beard Off

Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

I can hear the LibChat notification go off in my sleep. My college began its two-week student event, and no rehearsal can anticipate one technical bug messing things up. The school year has already started, and my to-list takes on the routine of students back in classes, though it's online. For the past few weeks, … Continue reading Mask On, Mask Off, or Public Health Orders in Manitoba

Now Let the Immune System Do its Thing

Mission Acommplished A local Twitter said she cried in a room full of strangers. I nearly wanted to cry too. Instead, my friend and I cried in her backyard after saying a toast over some Pinto Grigio we opened. "To absent friends," I said, borrowing something from Star Trek, "And things be better this year." … Continue reading Now Let the Immune System Do its Thing

Second Dose, Second Chance

Today I get my second dose I followed vaccine developments through the news and, ironically, on Twitter. There's a number of scientists on Twitter, real ones, citing actual research. While Pfizer shipments will slow down in early July, Moderna shipments will increase to Canada. I booked my appointment for Pfizer before the slowdown was announced … Continue reading Second Dose, Second Chance

Operation: Cafe Fatima

What does a girl, er woman, do when her province leads north america in COVID cases? She gets her ass moving by finally getting rid of the carpet that came with the balcony of her condo. The work was postponed while my building was getting its trim painted. I clearned my furniture and hauled it … Continue reading Operation: Cafe Fatima

Digital Spring Cleaning

I deactivated Twitter. No announcement I just did it. I joined Twitter in 2009 after attending a Webinar with the librarian I worked for at the time. I learned about hashtags, how using social media can drive library engagement. Over 10 years, including a small dust up with a Winnipeg-famous figure and his fans, I … Continue reading Digital Spring Cleaning

#MusicMonday: The Parting Glass as Sung By Hozier

https://youtu.be/Y-BmOhjbQ44 The opening verses of 'The Parting Glass' has played at the end of 'Waking Ned Devine' and during a rare quiet scene in 'The Walking Dead.' I have, perhaps, three versions of this tune of Spotify off the top of my head, maybe more. A dive into its origins uncovered scottish origins and more … Continue reading #MusicMonday: The Parting Glass as Sung By Hozier