Now Let the Immune System Do its Thing

Mission Acommplished

A local Twitter said she cried in a room full of strangers. I nearly wanted to cry too. Instead, my friend and I cried in her backyard after saying a toast over some Pinto Grigio we opened. “To absent friends,” I said, borrowing something from Star Trek, “And things be better this year.” The second dose felt like New Year’s Day with a two-week delay. I also get entered into a draw for a vaccine lottery. Yes, we are doing a lottery; Staying out of an ICU is not enough for some people.

The immune system did its thing, perhaps like this cartoon:

Unlike last time, I had a sore arm, sore body, felt tired, and spent my weekend napping. Unlike other flus or colds, I smiled as I closed my eyes again.

Today, I attended a session on mental health during work place reentry. It addressed issues like dealing with people after a year of isolation, interactions, and more. For me, there’s nothing anxiety-inducing about going back. I wanted to go back and willing to deal with the ‘interruptions’ to work not usually happening at home.

I hate that term.

A student asking for help is not an interruption.

A to-do list is either long or short, but never completed. That’s my philosophy.

Life is a series of one-long interruption and those who minimize them forget the one big interruption to life is death. That part comes for all of us. Now to figure out how to live as this person coming out the other end of this moment.

5 thoughts on “Now Let the Immune System Do its Thing

  1. I’m glad dose #2 wasn’t all too horrible. I couldn’t have worked from home while teaching — too many interruptions, which is why I usually worked in a “third place” anyway and those were closed by the pandemic. It was a real struggle. I’ll be glad to go back. That said, more interactions with people are definitely getting on my nerves.

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