Second Dose, Second Chance

Today I get my second dose

I followed vaccine developments through the news and, ironically, on Twitter. There’s a number of scientists on Twitter, real ones, citing actual research. While Pfizer shipments will slow down in early July, Moderna shipments will increase to Canada. I booked my appointment for Pfizer before the slowdown was announced and its too soon to switch. Many people are swtiching vaccines to free up Pfizer for 12-17 year-olds. (Health Canada just received a request for Moderna’s use for that age group earlier this month.)

Manitoba instituted vaccine targets as part of, wait for it, the 4-3-2-1 Great Summer Plan. By July 1st we are supposed have 70% of people with their first dose, 25% with both. The provincial government claims other factors will deterime how soon businesses can repopen and people can get togetehr. Personally, I don’t trust this government to keep their word with a 10-foot pole, never mind 6. They screwed up in April and Premier Thranduil seems to think it’s a race between him and his right-wing boy band, aka the rest of the provincial premiers, regarding who can open the fastest.

Beginning Saturday, patios will open at limited capacity, my gym will reopen at limited capacity, and I will resume my gym training sessions as well. That and more will happen with some perks for double-vaccinated people. I plan to visit more friends, but the other stuff will come more slowly like having wine on an outdoor patio. My workplace will host a webinar on campus re-entry and mental health. People will feel, understandably, nervous. On the other hand, many loved working from home as respite from all the niggly things bothering them. They don’t have to deal with the messiness of people and, frankly, they have no idea they are also messy people.

I will attend anyway since there’s always something to consider or overlooked. I do enjoy talkng to people without a camera. When I read the new Ricahrd Armitage interview, and Esther is right when she says it in ambundance lately, he pretty much summed up how things will go when more people return:

The first day on set, I could barely get any work done, because I was talking and talking. They kept offering me a chair, and I said, “No, I don’t need to sit down. I’ve been sat on my arse for a year!”

At the moment, I am on my own arse, in a yellow dress, taking a break before doing the next work task. I said to my manager once I get the second dose, then let it do its thing to insure immunity, I am going back to campus full time. It insures home and work finally separate. Unless I am teaching an online course, I want these two facets of my life apart.

People talk about changes in a post-pandemic world, assuming we finally get there, my division is not pre or post pandemic. It’s pre and post parents. There was a me that was a daughter and had phone conversations and now there’s some else tapping away on this computer. I am trying to figure her out.

Good news, she still likes Richard Armitage.

6 thoughts on “Second Dose, Second Chance

  1. He’s been a busy boy giving interviews lately!! I do think after my second dose I felt a bit freer and protected but still cautious. It’s re-emerging from the lockdown shell to socially engage again which isn’t all that easy for me pre pandemic.
    Hugs to the new you the old you and bravo to resuming gym lessons ❤️❤️

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  2. Yes, it will be weird to get back in the swing of things again and actually going out amongst people again to actually interact with them! Eek!
    I wish you the very best figuring things out again for yourself. Glad RA is still in the picture. 🙂

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    1. I have a lot of push-pull going on. I want to head out yet wonder if I am taking things too fast. As for RA, here’s hoping a New York trip includes him in stage. ▲

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