Music Monday: Snow on the Beach by Taylor Swift Official Lyric Video It's actually Sunday as I write this first Music Monday in a long time. Outside the snow falls gently, remaining white on my car but turning the pavement wet. It's not the right conditions to remain on the ground, but winter is coming and I have a puffer coat from Torrid … Continue reading Music Monday: Snow on the Beach by Taylor Swift

Music Monday: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Tik Tok is a time suck. However, it's a fun time suck, but a time suck nonetheless. From time to time, the micro-vlogging platform comes with some gems like the various challenges popping up all over the place. In this case, Taylor Swift's classic song Wildest Dreams off her 1989 album. On Tik Tok, there's … Continue reading Music Monday: Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)

Music Monday: Current Favourites I will listen to a song a repeat during a task. The lyrics may inspire me during a task, the music turns off a the monkey-chatter part of my brain to help me focus, or I want to dance out an emotion. Having a monthly subscription to Spotify proved a smart investment since I … Continue reading Music Monday: Current Favourites

Music Monday: Mean by Taylor Swift

I had planned to feature this song before Taylor Swift penned her letter to Apple, and the company did an about-face on on their new streaming service. (Although Wired takes a different view on the situation.)  While her album 1989 dominates the music landscape, and I find myself singing along to 'Shake it Off, some … Continue reading Music Monday: Mean by Taylor Swift