Music Monday: Current Favourites

I will listen to a song a repeat during a task. The lyrics may inspire me during a task, the music turns off a the monkey-chatter part of my brain to help me focus, or I want to dance out an emotion. Having a monthly subscription to Spotify proved a smart investment since I don’t have the room for an extensive record collection. I can hear deep cuts, old favourites, or discover new artists. My repeat list has a little of each category.

I embedded my list, but if you don’t have access to Spotify, here’s a small list of the ‘On Repeat’ playlist:

Angry Anthems

The Chicks wote ‘Not Ready to Make Nice’ after enduring death threats for Natalie Maines comment about being ashamed of being from the same state as George W. Bush. I do remember playing this song over and over again if I felt angry and told to ‘make nice.’ The need to hold my tongue and seem civil or else not be ‘liked’ ie. not advance in my work began to erode. The Chicks were the start while Taylor’s track got me through the early days of the pandemic along with her whole album.

It’s no secret the pandemic pause made people take stock of their lives. People took a criticial look at their connections and started to make changes. I known people who separted from partners and began the divorce process. Others began to look for other work or return to school to find something better. Me? I interviewed for another job, but I didn’t get it. It did make me have a converstation with my manager about the things I saw happen, espcially to older woman. While I am not ‘old,’ the ‘old’ me died the day my dad took his last breath. I try to get to know this person instead but I do know one thing: do not expect me to put up with your bullshit.

Two By Tina

One day after an early morning work out two or three months ago, it feels like 5 or 10 years ago, I drove on the perimetre highway blasting ‘One of the Living.’ The COVID numbers began to climb, again, and it felt living in a dystopian landscape dodging the disease on roads with normally lots of morning traffic at the end of 2019. I don’t know if I am cut out as a Aunty Entitity (Turner’s ‘Made Max role) or Furiosa, I knew working form home and juggling protocols began to take its toll. Later I would talk to my manager and go ‘I am not okay’ and work at the office two days a week.

Later on, I watched the new Tina Turner documentary and learned the story about the song meant to make Tina break out much earlier. Phil Spector paid Ike Turner to stay out of his studio while working with Tina. This must be some kind of abusive guy physics law, I thought. You can hear the trademark wall of sound in the recording but, in the end, nobody wanted to play it. On one hand it was disappointinting, on the other, you have Phil Spector the fire compared to Ike’s frying pan.

The documentary presented Tina Turner a chance to tell the story, one last time and this time with more context. I read I, Tina as a teenager and hearing the recordings Kurt Loder made as part of writing the book gives a fuller picture of the emotional toll beyond the narrative during that time. She went through hell and finally fulfilled the potential she always had her way. (Yes, I am envious Richard Armitage got to see her twice.)

Timeless Tunes

The opening verses of ‘On and On’ made me immedately Google the tune to look it up to add on Spotify. It sounded like the soul tracks fo late 60’s to 70’s until my jaw dropped at the release date for Curtis Harding’s album ‘Face your Fear.’ It was 2017. The song closed out The Falcon and the Winter soldier, Marvel’s latest Disney+ show, and it sometimes went on repeat as I made coffee to prepare for another day. The rest of the album has the same timeless vibe. Listen to this track then listen to Stevie Wonder’s I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever) and never know they are decades apart. Wonder’s topic track is ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You,’ a track I remember overplayed in the 80’s.

In truth, I love Wonder’s older stuff. I have Songs in the Key of Life on (Double) CD. Talking Book, where this track come from, was released while I was toddler. I stumbled onto this song while taking a look at his previous work. It appeals to the romantic in me, the one still believing this song will play with person I love while we dance. I swear I keep in shape so I can still dance and make this happen. (Honouable mention ‘As’ from Songs in the Key of Life)

Of Course, The British

When I was a kid, old enough to take the bus, I had to go downtown for an weekly antigen injection for my allergies. Next to the building with the ears, nose, and throat specialist was Dominion News, now located further down Portage Avenue. I would go in and buy my Star Hits or other British Magazines with more Duran Duran pictures than the average teen mag, along with a host of artists I grew to love like The Police, later Sting, and Kate Bush.

I loved Kate Bush and still do. In a high school filled with head bangers and cookie-cutter american pop songs, Kate Bush spoke to my sensitve soul seeking refuge in books while trying to dodge the bullies in the hallway while people smoked pot by the tech doors. (I went to a comprehensive school with academics and where vocational meant trades not performing arts. It was strange reading about Armitage’s secondary school as a ‘vocational’ school unless they also included performing arts in the Uk.) Their music spoke to this brainiac right to the heart and it’s why this group of artists endured for me.

10 thoughts on “Music Monday: Current Favourites

  1. Wow, so much here.

    1. “Not Ready to Make Nice” — I loved that song / album, although I also loved their earlier stuff. I wonder if things have changed atll in the country music scene. I heard a radio interview with Natalie Maynes something during the pandemic about a new album, I think. I also very much have a “I’m not putting up with your stupidity” t-shirt on at the moment. I’ve going to have to tone it down for the job search, I suppose. But it’s been necessary to surviving the last few months, I think.

    2. Tina Turner: She didn’t cross my radar at all significantly until “What’s Love Got to Do With It.”

    3. Songs in the Key of Life is such a fantastic album.


    1. I have to tone things down for my job, but also had occasion to to say to one person “I do not have to put up with this” and closed the conversation online.

      Tina, on the other hand, was a major part of my teen/young adult years and she was in her 40’s at the time.

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      1. Someday I’ll write a post about all the people who told me I was doing it wrong the last two and a half years. When I calm down about it. It’s not like any of them were willing to do it themselves.

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  2. I love Kate Bush and The Police and Sting especially Synchronicity The Police last album before they split up.
    I hated staying home during the lockdown last year. I need a reason to get up in the morning and feel productive for income.
    It’s a bizarre time we all find ourselves in, and I’m so glad music is a balm for you or more then that
    These Music Monday posts of yours truly hit the spot ❤️❤️❤️🤗😘

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  3. Interesting choices, thanks for sharing!
    Kate Bush has a way of touching the soul. Tina Turner I always liked and Sting I liked better in The Police than after. I remember that Chicks dust up, they weren’t known over here but it did come on the news here too and I remember thinking that I loved that rebellious streak. 🙂

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