So, The Universe Listened…

He’s been quiet.

Richard Armitage is normally quiet and especially quiet when working. One day, probably while washing the dishes, my mind picked up bits of information and concluded he must be done with his latest project. (In this case, Harlen Coben’s Stay Close for Netflix.)

What are you up to? I asked the universe, who can relay it to him.

Well, what d’ya know, the universe gave him the message. In a short article for Metro to publicize Uncle Vanya’s release on video, he gave up drinking while in lockdown (smart man) and claimed he was taller due to pilates.

Him: Why are you looking at me like that?

Me: This the look I give any man when it comes to claims about heigh…or length.

The article doesn’t give any indications about his next project or if he’s in New York or not. It’s one of those Q&A’s new enough to add droplets of fresh information. It’s no surprise Francis Dolarhyde played with his head. Many actors playing serial killers reported they were happy to take on the challenge and happy to leave it. If memory serves me correctly…

Me: Tell me how Raymond leaves Francis behind?

Him: (Goes into a long explaination about the differences between soldiers of the crusades and serial killers.)

Here’s hoping the universes listens to my latest reques namely a play, in New York, next year around February. (I take a chunk off in winter to handle the darkest months better.)

One thought on “So, The Universe Listened…

  1. Fatima one could only hope next February in NYC … I’m a train ride away and even with Yael Farber reunited would feel so good😁❤️
    Pilates hmm 🤔
    He gave up drinking in lockdown too ahhh

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