So, The Universe Listened…

He's been quiet. Richard Armitage is normally quiet and especially quiet when working. One day, probably while washing the dishes, my mind picked up bits of information and concluded he must be done with his latest project. (In this case, Harlen Coben's Stay Close for Netflix.) What are you up to? I asked the universe, … Continue reading So, The Universe Listened…

Bearded Guys With Swords

The Last Kingdom just released their new season en masse instead of weekly like they did last year. I suspect the algorithm discovered people bided their time and binged a few at a time or all of it. The show, in nutshell, deals with a Saxon-turned-Dane named Uthred as he walks between two worlds at … Continue reading Bearded Guys With Swords

Back to Basics

My last entry happened in mid-June with the staycation countdown. I had my time off, dealt with dad in the hospital, now out, and my parents are adjusting to life with homecare. The goal of my time off involved what direction to take the blog. In the end, I decided to go back to basics … Continue reading Back to Basics

Be It Resolved I Don’t Have Resolutions Right Now

It's not only a new year it's also a brief period of time every newspaper, tweet, or Buzzfeed list has something on resolutions, or perhaps simple goal setting for the new year, or thinkpieces on resolving to not make resolutions for 2018 and doesn't that make the writer smart? I have entered a category not … Continue reading Be It Resolved I Don’t Have Resolutions Right Now

Some Library Tech Wisdom

On Friday, October 20th, we had Canadian Library Workers Day, a moment to appreciate library techs, clerks, and volunteers in library settings. I had a post drafted, and it didn't feel right. It's more than the books, databases, and sitting spaces in a given library. So, I trashed the post and went the K.I.S.S. route, … Continue reading Some Library Tech Wisdom

A Sweaty Story Time or Hearing David Copperfield While Working Out

I began Chapter 13 of David Copperfield, setting the timer to 15 minutes on the Audible app, and started walking around the track overlooking the gym at the Downtown YMCA. The walk always starts my work out allowing the book to play and no worries about cars nearly mowing me down, just people walking or … Continue reading A Sweaty Story Time or Hearing David Copperfield While Working Out

Finding My Funny: Nearing Showtime

Next week, I will take the stage at PTE for my first stand up set. I have jokes, ways to say them, but will not know if they will get laughs until the closing cabaret. I know in the end, seeing a stand-up special will never be the same for me. Cristela Alonso in her … Continue reading Finding My Funny: Nearing Showtime

I Resolve To Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

Like blowing snow around Winnipeg, the internet has articles about New Year's resolutions flying around. I remember typing out mine, back in the days of my beloved Brother AX-15 typewriter. They did not seem impossible, more like a set of goals but I did have 'lose weight' quite often, and I did try to exercise. That … Continue reading I Resolve To Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

A Fun Post About Types

How do I pass the time on my bus? By looking at a collage, I did on an app and writing about it. Before cutting my cable, I discovered the show 'Lucifer', based on a comic written by Neil Gaiman. After racking my brain trying to figure out where I have seen Tom Ellis, I … Continue reading A Fun Post About Types

With a Litte Humour It’s Not That Bad

After my last posting I figured a  little Valentine's Day humour is in order.  Tonight's movie rumpus choices is either watching Robin Hood (BBC version aka Richard Armitage doing bad-ass things in leather), or The Avengers (Jeremy Renner doing bad-ass things in leather both mesmerized and non-mesmerized.) I need to get my sexy rumpus adventure somewhere.