Some Library Tech Wisdom

On Friday, October 20th, we had Canadian Library Workers Day, a moment to appreciate library techs, clerks, and volunteers in library settings. I had a post drafted, and it didn’t feel right. It’s more than the books, databases, and sitting spaces in a given library.

So, I trashed the post and went the K.I.S.S. route, with the S standing for sweetheart. My job transcends a description or a T4, although I am grateful for the comfortable living I make, the kind enabling me to write and do open-mic stand up. If you want to know what we, the techs, the clerks, and the library volunteers do, then watch Barry Schwartz in this 2009 TED talk embedded below.  It’s more than the policy and procedure, more than books and databases.

However, chocolate will always, always be appreciated.

And doughnuts and coffee.

But most of all…

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