Back to Basics

My last entry happened in mid-June with the staycation countdown. I had my time off, dealt with dad in the hospital, now out, and my parents are adjusting to life with homecare. The goal of my time off involved what direction to take the blog. In the end, I decided to go back to basics and write about the things I love, namely books for a start. Perhaps books can help me deal with an existential malaise. That’s highfalutin talk for what can I possibly write about?

While this blog heads back to the beginning after a long lay off, WordPress announced automatically connecting the blog to Facebook will end and has ended.  Option one involved turning my Facebook profile into a page people can like. I laughed at the notion and decided it’s alright to copy/post a link for people to read whatever I post.

So, yes, books my first love, more reliable than any man I had in my life, except for Richard Armitage and that’s only because I don’t know him…*yet.


*And probably never will because I don’t have the right shortcomings to be a stalker. I do have shortcomings, I need a certain shortcoming skillset for this task.

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