The Stay-cay Countdown of 2018

1 more working day and counting.

I have so many plans but want to start slowly with something like, oh, sleeping in until 7 am rather than wake up at 5:30 am. (5:45 actually after a few hits of the snooze button.) I have a big pile of books from the library to binge and some Netflix to binge as well. Also, writing, so much writing, along with connecting with people, so much connecting with people.

At the moment, I make my way through some books with the word ‘F**k’ in the title like UnFu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop.

I love my Kobo app. It allows me to do these fun quote pics

People deride self-help books, but one time, when I didn’t know therapists worked on a sliding scale, they stood in for therapy. I read some crap, some with bits and pieces I could relate, and this new crop grew out of getting frustrated with one-size-fits self-help publishing. It doesn’t mean fiction doesn’t retain its own therapeutic value. While it affords a means of escape, other times it taught me ways to move in the world, especially fantasy fiction. I need to clear my head to help me process all the things learned at this year’s Manitoba Library Conference:



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