A Fun Post About Types

How do I pass the time on my bus? By looking at a collage, I did on an app and writing about it.

Before cutting my cable, I discovered the show ‘Lucifer’, based on a comic written by Neil Gaiman. After racking my brain trying to figure out where I have seen Tom Ellis, I looked up his character from Merlin.  It seems whoever does costumes for tall, dark, and handsome blokes had just the look for villainous types.

I dipped into some episodes of Merlin and, sure enough, right down to the leather pants. Either I have a type, or I am a geek. I mean look at these two. Would you like your TDH bloke Welsh or you could go with our Midlands model right here?

While I enjoy Tom Ellis and encourage people to watch Lucifer, it’s the Midlands bloke hands down for me. (My friends give unsurprising nods as they read that sentence. )

As for future posts live from Winnipeg Transit, it will depend on some factors. There’s the usual battery life, motivation, but I do hope the next guy sitting next me would close his legs. I press my body into a compact shape but feel like any moment now I will look like one of those Garfield suction cup window thingies.

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