The Three Goals of Blogging

For a little while I kept the blog mostly to myself.  The idea of people knowing about it kept me nervous and it’s not like I never kept a blog before.  I completed a creative writing class, complete with reading out loud for classmates to offer advice, and it felt right to go ahead with this blog.

In my e-mail to my former creative writing classmates, I said the blog will do three things:

  1. Get me to write on a semi-regular basis.
  2. Get me to write for an audience.
  3. Get me to write for an audience despite falling metaphorically on my behind. 

After the e-mail, I went to my Facebook page and let this blog out of the holding pen.  The scheduling function of Blogger is great.  I can write something up as a draft, have a deadline, then it’s in the queue for publishing.  I write at home, during my lunch at work, or on a coffee break.

In fact it’s my lunch break right now as my fingers tap along the keyboard.  I already fixed up a couple of spelling mistakes on previous entries and updated.  Behold, I made a mistake and the world didn’t end.  For the time being, I want to continue doing blog spotlights and book talks.  I want to get better as a writer and most of all I want to have fun.  I just want people along to have fun, even if it’s just to read it.  Comments are optional and I feel ready for the trolls if they comes along. 

Get ready for some exciting entries.  I have a book talk on an award-winning YA novel, my first blog spotlight, and a geeky entry on Brits in television that took me a while to get right.  It’s all scheduled while I work on some more tidbits either on life, libraries, or in between.

*Ding!*  My lunch break is done.

One thought on “The Three Goals of Blogging

  1. Thanks for sharing your link Fatima, will be sure to check back from time to time. Good on you for saying the hell with the trolls and let's see what happens. Looking forward to the blog spotlight.Kai


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