Music Monday: Misty Mountains by Richard Armitage and Dwarf Cast

Sometimes you want to slow things down. The first time I read The Hobbit, I wondered how long the Misty Mountains song would go on in the chapter. I also remembered thinking Thorin as a jerk. Not just any jerk, but a bonafide, numero uno, block-headed, stubborn, and curmudgeonly as Tolkien described him as older … Continue reading Music Monday: Misty Mountains by Richard Armitage and Dwarf Cast

Weird and Wacky Adventures Around the Net and Random Things

Remember the news Google Reader will no longer exist after July 1st?  It's to give people enough time to find a suitable substitute, and migrate their feeds after seeing if such a thing exists.  I found something right away, but people need time. Well, Google forgot people needed time.  Imagine my surprise, shared by many … Continue reading Weird and Wacky Adventures Around the Net and Random Things

Google Reader Soon Goes Good Bye

I have a routine like any other human being on this planet.  I get to work, fire up my computer, then have a look at Google Reader for tidbits.  (Fatima speak for anything trivial related to work, life, and writing.) On Thursday Google Reader has a news-breaking pop up: Of course I read more to … Continue reading Google Reader Soon Goes Good Bye

Midweek Geekiness: Hang in There, Spring is Just Around the Corner

Once the weather warms up my body and psyche feel a little lighter.  The blustery cold recedes, and I trade in my long winter coat for something shorter, yet just as warmer.  I have an idea for the Milestone Widget, but this time will not involve a show or movie. In the mean time a … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Hang in There, Spring is Just Around the Corner

Midweek Geekiness: Back on Track

Downton Zombie Night **Spoiler Alert in Case I put in Spoilers** For a little while Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead find themselves simultaneously recorded on my PVR.  It pretty much represents my two sides of geekiness.  On one hand we have Downton Abbey in all its period, soapy glory.  I love English costume dramas.  I … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Back on Track

The Pope Gives Up Being Pope for Lent

When I sat down in front of my laptop, coffee in hand, I nearly spit out my coffee.  The words 'Pope' and 'resignation' have not happened in 600 years.  When it comes down to resignations, I didn't expect it from this guy.  When Joseph, Cardinal, Ratzinger got elected as Pope my heart sank.  The guy has … Continue reading The Pope Gives Up Being Pope for Lent

Not Going to Waste a Sunny Day

People's biggest complain about blogs and social media involves the weather.  Food either comes in first or second, as in what the writer/tweeter had for lunch, but weather seems really close.  I could be wrong.  I ponder the question as this post keeps up a streak about weather-related things.  I am from Winnipeg.  We watch … Continue reading Not Going to Waste a Sunny Day

Now It’s Snowing Outside

The best part about WordPress is all the widgets, and other ways to personalize a blog.  I can tweak here, or tweak over there, plus feel grateful for some of the HTML training during my Library Tech program.  The bad part about WordPress is all those same widgets to tweak over here, or tweak over … Continue reading Now It’s Snowing Outside

How do I love this post, let me count the three ways. I fooled around some of the themes, thinking I needed a change. What I really needed was more tweaking. This post saved me mucho time messing around. A big ‘Thank You’ to the Word Press posse. Nothing makes a Winnipegger’s heart sing like the word ‘free’.

The Daily Post

You already know how to choose the perfect blog name and how to update your title and tagline to reflect your site’s personality. Now what?

Maybe you don’t want to jump into the world of premium themes or custom CSS yet, but there are still simple tweaks you can make from right within your dashboard to inject more “you” into your blog and draw readers in. Here are three quick updates to make right now:

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More Avengers Geekiness

Today's adventure involved a visit to a museum and art gallery in Red Deer.  We met up with a family of seven, good friends of V, for a tour around the exhibits.  The main exhibit talked about food and food safety.  Displays included trying to find ingredients from various time periods.  (Oranges in the 19th … Continue reading More Avengers Geekiness