Not Going to Waste a Sunny Day

People’s biggest complain about blogs and social media involves the weather.  Food either comes in first or second, as in what the writer/tweeter had for lunch, but weather seems really close.  I could be wrong.  I ponder the question as this post keeps up a streak about weather-related things.  I am from Winnipeg.  We watch the weather like a hawk.  Our first words to strangers involve the following phrase ‘How do you like our weather.’

After yesterday’s snow fall, we have the sun.  It also means we have really cold weather, the kind saying one temperature yet it’s really the other one with wind chill.  When the weather hears it’s  -10, it sound nice.  Until one hears -25 with the wind chill and it’s wincing all the way.  After staying in yesterday, I plan to head out for a little supper at a nearby eatery, then to Superstore for bread.  I managed to hard boil the last of my eggs.  Great, now I talked about the weather and food in a blog.

I have drafts galore to pick up, add to, and finish off.  I want to decide how much Hobbit hype to participate in.  I read the reviews, complains, enough to want to say ‘look, people, I get off work at 4.  Movie is at 7.  I plan to dine before I head to Middle Earth.’ Enough said.

Well, may be not…

Funniest.Comment.Ever.  It looks so fake people say about the upcoming film.  I nearly wanted to bang my head on a table.  Let me get this straight:  A movie with dwarves, hobbits, wizards, goblins, trolls, and elves fake.  The rain doesn’t look real.  (Dude, considering the prosthetics some of these actors wear, a torrential downpour scene will wreck it. ) We want it to be real, yet the moment someone tries to make it more immersive people balk.   CGI can’t do it all the time.  It’s called ‘suspension of disbelief’.  It’s the moment a viewer has to ignore how they got the make up, green screen, and all the other special effects into a scene.  For that one moment the scene is real.  When I watched Hawkeye get a lift from Iron Man in The Avengers, I knew it was a little CGI.  The thought flickered and left.  Right now Hawkeye has to park himself on top of that building as a look out.  The team needs him to do it.  Ignore the effects, the costume, and lose Jeremy Renner for a couple of hours.  Watch things unfold.

It’s the same thing people will need to for The Hobbit.  For a couple of hours, although I did hear it ran nearly three, the gangly bloke from Huncote will disappear.  In his place is the dwarf prince of an exiled nation.  I plan to go on an adventure.  It’s the same experience with other films I plan to see this holiday season.  They don’t have dwarves and hobbits.  One movie I want to see,  Zero Dark Thirty, involves a CIA analyst and the hunt for Bin Laden.  I kicked myself for not seeing The Hurt Locker, and don’t plan to make the same mistake twice.  I chose to put down my hard-earned money.  While I enjoy my cold, sunny days, it’s still a Winnipeg winter.  I don’t plan to park it at home all the time.

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