Now It’s Snowing Outside

The best part about WordPress is all the widgets, and other ways to personalize a blog.  I can tweak here, or tweak over there, plus feel grateful for some of the HTML training during my Library Tech program.  The bad part about WordPress is all those same widgets to tweak over here, or tweak over there, until I don’t do a post/draft.    Like what happened just now.  I also feel a little worried about sitting right now.  Two weeks ago, I sat down to write for a little while.  It sounds like nothing, until I got up and…Ouch!!!!  Range of motion, getting up out of a chair, sitting comfortably, all that stuff comes to a halt.  So far, I feel better.  It’s hard walking while my run clinic, now down a few members, runs.  I just want to run with them on the last day.

I worked a little on my Goals page.  A few blogs I visited has something like that, and it looked like a really good idea.  I never like New Year’s resolutions.  I like the Running Room Resolution Run, but carefully looked to the New Year with realistic expectations.  I learned not to have such rigid goals, but loosey-goosey doesn’t work either.  My last set of goals consisted of the Five-year plan.  Years 1 and 2 were about going to school.  Years 3 and 4 to pay it off plus save money.  The last year, number 5, find a place and move out.  I did it 18 months ahead of schedule.  I also worked like a fiend after I graduated from the program.  Now I need a new set for a new chapter in my life.

I don’t have any writing goals yet.  Remember, if I write down a goal the steps already fell into place for me to accomplish it.  I can say ‘write a book’ without asking myself about what it’s about and the time line for such a task.  Same thing with this blog.  I can say ‘write everyday’.  I have theme days, but really it’s about the quality of the content to keep up the quality of the writing.  This blog is my sand box.  One particular blog on Freshly Pressed talked about ‘finding a niche’.  I don’t know what my niche looks like.  Do I have one?  Do I want one?  If a goal turns up on the page regarding writing, it means knowing the steps to get there.

On the weather front, Winnipeg finds itself under flurries.  Walking, or running, turns a little tricky.  Last we had next to nothing.  This year nature decided to make up for lost time.  When I came back from the Running Room clinic, the snow felt in thick flakes, cutting visibility, yet looking so beautiful I forget about the dirty sky.  The big flakes also tell me it’s not that cold out, nor very windy.  Always a bonus.  Hopefully that bonus hold for tomorrow as  I make my way out.

Now back to my regularly scheduled program of doing nothing.

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