Meanwhile, While on Christmas Break

If I told you I got a box of KN95 masks from my local liquor store for free, would you believe me? Welcome to the surreal Christmas of 2021. I reminded myself 'Omicron' is part of the WHO's efforts to not stigmatize places first identifying the variant. At first, I thought it also sounded like … Continue reading Meanwhile, While on Christmas Break


Call it cosmic timing. The events of yesterday happened on The Feast Day of the Epiphany, celebrating the 3 wise men giving gifts to the human manifestation of God. When you think about it, these were nobodies, in a stable. Soon after Mary, Jesus, and Joseph had to run for their lives in Egypt as … Continue reading Epiphanies

I Resolve To Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

Like blowing snow around Winnipeg, the internet has articles about New Year's resolutions flying around. I remember typing out mine, back in the days of my beloved Brother AX-15 typewriter. They did not seem impossible, more like a set of goals but I did have 'lose weight' quite often, and I did try to exercise. That … Continue reading I Resolve To Not Make New Year’s Resolutions

Midweek Geekiness Part One: Turning the Page on a New Year

Michelle W over at the Daily Post posed a simple prompt today: Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be? It's a good question to ask prompt or no prompt.  New Year's Eve gets loaded with expectation and regret.  The stoke of midnight puts a period … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness Part One: Turning the Page on a New Year

Now It’s Snowing Outside

The best part about WordPress is all the widgets, and other ways to personalize a blog.  I can tweak here, or tweak over there, plus feel grateful for some of the HTML training during my Library Tech program.  The bad part about WordPress is all those same widgets to tweak over here, or tweak over … Continue reading Now It’s Snowing Outside