Spoke Too Soon, Or Spring In Winnipeg

There is an old,  unofficial Winnipeg saying: It ain't spring until winter has one more snowfall. Voila: I remember one Easter Sunday as a blizzard happened while everyone sang 'Alleluia' for the first time in forty days. While  I look at The Weather Network and John Sauder's (CBC Winnipeg meteorologist) Twitter feed on my morning … Continue reading Spoke Too Soon, Or Spring In Winnipeg

Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Legs

On Sunday my group and I had beautiful weather, the sidewalks largely alright despite some icy patches. Monday brought snow courtesy of a front closing parts of Manitoba,Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  Environment Canada called it a 'heavy snow fall warning.' While the wind largely died down in the evening, the ice found itself covered in loosely … Continue reading Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Legs

Now It’s Snowing Outside

The best part about WordPress is all the widgets, and other ways to personalize a blog.  I can tweak here, or tweak over there, plus feel grateful for some of the HTML training during my Library Tech program.  The bad part about WordPress is all those same widgets to tweak over here, or tweak over … Continue reading Now It’s Snowing Outside

It’s Snowing on My Blog

My blog is snowing.  I don't know how I feel about it.  I tried to remember if I had it last year, or not.  I tinkered with the layout of my blog so much, I can't keep track of things like snow, much less write something. Over my lunch hour I took my journal and … Continue reading It’s Snowing on My Blog

Snow Falls Thick and White

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow.  This is it? I thought.  Yesterday had nothing but winter storm warnings from the television to the internet.  When I went to bed last night nothing happened.   I put aside my disappointment to get ready for the run clinic.  Today would prove an experiment … Continue reading Snow Falls Thick and White