Snow Falls Thick and White

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow.  This is it? I thought.  Yesterday had nothing but winter storm warnings from the television to the internet.  When I went to bed last night nothing happened.   I put aside my disappointment to get ready for the run clinic.  Today would prove an experiment in winter running wear.  Hypothesis one:  I need to put my hat on.  Results conclude the hat was a good idea.

I ran over winter for a couple of years.  Running on freshly fallen snow is like running on sand.  It taxed me as the ground offered it resistance.  I also went to bed a little late.  Put both together, plus more storm warnings, I felt tired enough to simply sleep away most of my day until 4 pm.  I woke up, ate, and watched Children of Men on Netflix.  Over the next few hours, I peeked out and saw periodic snow fall.  Now it falls thick and fast.  In weather like this, I liken it to a snow globe after somebody shook it.

Tomorrow’s run club will not happen due to Remembrance Day.  Another sleep in is in order, then head over to a friend’s place for a not-quite American Thanksgiving.  Monday I don’t work thanks to Remembrance Day falling on a Sunday.  I do have to meet with my presentation partner for this class I take on Thursday nights.  We’re almost done and frankly I will feel glad once it’s done.  Once again I jammed too much on my plate.  Before I do anything else in the new year, I better think it out first.

As for today, it’s no doubt winter has arrived.  The snow fall made up the lack of white stuff last year.  Good-bye, ground, see you in the spring.


One thought on “Snow Falls Thick and White

  1. Reminiscent of my childhood, jumping in the unbroken snow and making snow angels. Wish I had the same energy! Enjoy your Monday off. Schools are open so it’s off to work I go while Hubby sleeps. Quite the reversal of roles. Usually HE gets up first! lol


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