A Turtle With Snow On Its Shell

Winnipeg gets its name from a Cree word meaning 'Muddy Water.' Another name, one I like better and also comes from Indigenous history, is 'Turtle Island.'  It suits this city as we like to move at a slow pace in regards to everything. Ever wonder how Winnipeg can move even slower than a turtle? Dump … Continue reading A Turtle With Snow On Its Shell

Snow Falls Thick and White

I woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow.  This is it? I thought.  Yesterday had nothing but winter storm warnings from the television to the internet.  When I went to bed last night nothing happened.   I put aside my disappointment to get ready for the run clinic.  Today would prove an experiment … Continue reading Snow Falls Thick and White

Thanks, Colorado, For The Low

The winter storm had an afternoon arrival time.  I had the day off anyway thanks to taking that last vacation day.  All afternoon-nothing.  As of 7:27 pm-still nothing.  I look out my window to the street light, noticing nothing flaky flying about outside.  Keep in mind snow and Winnipeg go together like peanut butter and … Continue reading Thanks, Colorado, For The Low