Thanks, Colorado, For The Low

The winter storm had an afternoon arrival time.  I had the day off anyway thanks to taking that last vacation day.  All afternoon-nothing.  As of 7:27 pm-still nothing.  I look out my window to the street light, noticing nothing flaky flying about outside.  Keep in mind snow and Winnipeg go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Every year ‘peggers seem to forget about snow and what to do about it.  Driving comes readily to mind as traffic slows to a crawl.  Last year, it took over an hour to get home from.   It’s like Winnipeg has amnesia about winter until everyone gets used to it.

Superstore, normally a little busy on a Friday, felt a little crazy. (Alright, crazier than usual.)   People loaded their shopping carts like they expected the snow to trap them for a few days.  It’s quite amusing.  I grabbed my milk and a loaf of bread, paid, and got out as quickly as possible.  I have enough in my house to keep me fed, plus enough Netflix to keep me occupied.  If I don’t feel like staring at a screen, I have a nice, smutty novel to keep me warm:

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Will Winnipeg find itself buried by blankets of snow?  Will the residents make it through such an event?  Does anyone even care?  I think it’s time to turn off my computer and call it a night.


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