Winter is Coming Is Not Just a Stark Family Motto

I hate winter.  I noticed the change of the seasons usually brings a droopy mood, increased appetite, and the inability to decide on anything.  At work, the coffeemaker perked for the second time after the first pot cleared in under two hours.  I really want an I.V. full of coffee and lug it around.  Even sitting down to blog, much less write, feels more difficult.  My brain just want to remain on snooze, my motivation wants to hibernate, and I resist the urge to whine. (Albeit sometimes even that task proves hard to do.  I even walk the thin line in that paragraph alone.)

I noticed the rare times not feeling this way, involved running over the winter.  Granted, I had the Hyperthermic Half as my goal race.  (Only in Canada a winter run event has such a name.)  While I lead another clinic, this time on a Saturday, one eye remains on the oncoming winter months.  As the days grow darker, colder, and cloudier strategies begin to form.

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Strategy Number 1:  Think Warm Thoughts.

If that doesn’t work  rotate the computer wallpaper among my imaginary, male harem.  Things should warm up nicely in some fashion.  Yeah, I know the guy to the right is not everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s my type of serving.  Not only is he talented (See:  The Hurt Locker), but pretty handy around the house.  (He and a business partner bought and flipped homes in between acting jobs.  In one interview he ruefully admitted to fixing a sprinkler at his home.  ‘Real sexy isn’t it?’ he deadpanned.  My response? Well, it’s turning me on.  I have a leaky bath tub faucet.  I would very much like to have you fix it. 

In December I will summon this one for the computer screen:

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Strategy 2:  Actually Get Out More Rather Than Saying, “I Need To Get Out More.”

This one will prove a little tough to implement.  Nothing says go back to bed like a cold, dark morning.  Even a little trip to Stella’s for supper rather than cooking seems better than just staying at home.

A little trip for some live music should do the trick.  Why not dress up and go out?  It’s not the first time I headed out some place alone.  It’s either wait or go, and I prefer to just go.  Even if I don’t feel like live music, a outing for a mocha will do.  Just get me into layers and out of the house.  It’s the reason I took up running again with the Running Room.  I get out with people.  Other Sundays I have my monthly brunch date with two friends.  Otherwise I stick around and get  mopey.

Strategy 3:  Remember Where I Live

Winnipeggers complain about the cold, but most do remember we get more sun than those out on the coast.  During the winter the sky looks a brighter blue.  The temperature can read -35 degrees celsius with wind chill, yet a bright blue, sunny sky can energize me.  The snow isn’t the hard part.  Even a hoar-frost day can catch the breath with its beauty.  The sun, the very thing we take for granted, hides itself away during cloudy times.  Sheer faith only reminds me to get out on the grey days just to simply have some daylight.  I know that sun is out there.  I just have to raise my eyes and look up once in a while.  Kind of describes life doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Winter is Coming Is Not Just a Stark Family Motto

  1. Those are three great strategies, although I think Hubby would object to that particular choice of wallpaper on my computer. Like my stash of chocolate, though, I do have a stash of men pics I use for inspiration when writing those romantic scenes! lol

    Maybe on one of those days that you need to ‘get out of the house’, give me a call and we can go get some hot chocolate with little marshmallows or a foaming cup of Chai. 🙂


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