It’s Snowing on My Blog

My blog is snowing.  I don’t know how I feel about it.  I tried to remember if I had it last year, or not.  I tinkered with the layout of my blog so much, I can’t keep track of things like snow, much less write something.

Over my lunch hour I took my journal and tried out the Daily Press Challenge on perspective.  I take a look at the Daily Press Challenges to try something new.  Getting ‘Freshly Pressed’, believe it or not, is not high on my list right now.   What’s high on my list involves talking students down from their stress.

It’s exam time, folks.  At least it’s almost that time.

Whatever cracks show up in the personal lives of students begin to widen just as assignments come due.  Suddenly emotions pour out, flooding whatever items on the to-list.    I provide an ear, help them focus on the school work at hand, and urge them to seek help at student services.  As a Library Technician I have certain boundaries to maintain, but as a human being just listening eases the student’s stress a little bit.  All people want is to be heard and for a moment not judged.  I guess it’s not too long ago people heard me, eased my stress a little, just enough to refocus and keep going.  I just try to pay the kindness forward.

I normally don’t write about my job.  I will write about library issues in general, but my job is off-limits unless to impart an insight.  I like what I do.  For the time being I am doing a job, at a certain place, as fate decrees it.  I worked hard, but I got some good breaks.  I had people who showed up a the right time.  I even said it to one of the students, sheepishly apologizing for unloading about her stress.

“That’s alright,” I said “May be I am that right person, at the right time in you life…or completely out to lunch.”

The student laughed.  I keep my fingers crossed for this person.  Did I mention this time of year feels like chaos?

3 thoughts on “It’s Snowing on My Blog

  1. I like the snow! I’ll have to try it. 🙂

    I also like how you’ve been lending a sympathetic ear. Exam time is stressful and knowing someone is there to listen to their problems and maybe help them find the materials they need to succeed is really ‘big in their books’. (A little library humour! lol) Everyone needs someone to listen to them at some time in their life and you seem to be in the right place to fulfill that role. 🙂


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