The Tally: NaBloPoMo So-So While NaNoWriMo A Total No-No

Tomorrow is the last day of November.  It means people feverishly writing those last words to 50,000 for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  For others it’s the last day of blog posting NaBLoPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  Remember my post about doing both as ‘sane’?

I take that back.

Let me clarify:  It’s more sane if I didn’t toss a Thursday night class into the mix.   In this present case…not so much.  I have posted to this blog.  On the novel-writing side it’s sat at zero.  Something had to give, and NaNoWriMo turned into a wash out.  I could complain about it.  However, I maintain some directions this month happened by choice.  I pretty much chose out of necessity.

What’s next?

I will blog of course.  Another encouraging development involves a new(ish) writer’s group.  A few original members of a group I attended a long time ago remain.  They also have some new members.  I made peace with the idea of NOT writing the next Canadian literary masterpiece.  I enjoy reading a good one, but sometimes the CanLit landscape tries so hard not to be ‘American’, ‘Commercial’, or ‘Something’ it loses me.  I enjoy reading about the Gillers, The Governor General Awards, or even a Booker.  I do like a good novel.  Sometimes a good novel and an award-winning novel do not mean the same thing.  I  read Susan Rocan’s novel Withershins in its earliest stages.  By ‘earliest’ I mean early drafts.  Writing takes time and I believe my life needed to catch up with it.

By the way, let me know in the comments below about:

  1. The lay out
  2. Personalizing things like the ‘Follow’ and comments

I take a look at other blogs for how they do their posts, yet also look at the blog itself.  Too crowded?  Looks like my days of writing to the ether are over.



2 thoughts on “The Tally: NaBloPoMo So-So While NaNoWriMo A Total No-No

  1. Thanks for the mention and we’re glad to have you aboard!

    It does seem to take time to perfect our ‘domain’. I’m certainly not the one to ask about what makes a good blog. I don’t have the numbers, yet, so I haven’t figured out what works and what doesn’t. Hope you do! 🙂


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