How do I love this post, let me count the three ways. I fooled around some of the themes, thinking I needed a change. What I really needed was more tweaking. This post saved me mucho time messing around. A big ‘Thank You’ to the Word Press posse. Nothing makes a Winnipegger’s heart sing like the word ‘free’.

The Daily Post

You already know how to choose the perfect blog name and how to update your title and tagline to reflect your site’s personality. Now what?

Maybe you don’t want to jump into the world of premium themes or custom CSS yet, but there are still simple tweaks you can make from right within your dashboard to inject more “you” into your blog and draw readers in. Here are three quick updates to make right now:

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  1. Thanks for the link. One of the bloggers I follow was choosing who to give a particular award to based on the uniqueness of their blog. It seems mine needs a little sprucing up. I’ve noticed you’ve made a few changes here, yourself. Looking good! 🙂


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