Midweek Geekiness: Some Expected Hype for An Unexpected Journey

When I got home, I checked on my precious.  No golden ring here, but two tickets to see The Hobbit in IMAX 3D at Silver City, on its opening day.  Assured the tickets existed, I hunted for interviews over a glass of wine.  The hype was expected for something like this, and no surprise some of the reviews ranged from begrudging its merely good to lamenting for the days of Lord of the Rings.  After sitting my way through the Star Wars prequels, I just felt happy for characters and dialogue among all the special effects.

Most of all I combed sources for new Richard Armitage interviews.  People not tuned into MI-5, North and South, or Robin Hood looked at the gangly bloke with the deep voice, wondering who is that?  That, ladies and gentlemen, is another ‘pesky Brit’ to borrow Damian Lewis‘ (Homeland) phrase.  This pesky Brit is the tall, dark, and handsome edition.  You know, the guy looking more like James Bond than the short, blonde pesky Brit edition playing that role.  It’s fun to watch North America interact with him.  Richard Armitage seems like this out-of-the blue actor, but like Jeremy Renner he worked hard to get to this point.  I just stand back with everyone else going What took you guys so long?

My favourite article so far has this headline:

‘Hobbit’ star causes a ruckus at Toronto’s Union Station

I saw the pictures.  Yes, there was a crowd.  A ruckus?  It reminds of the time Toronto called in the army due to an…er…overwhelming amount of snow .  It’s much ado about nothing, and coming from Mr. Armitage’s FIRST TIME in Canada.  You bet I kind of hoped he would go to Montreal, even Vancouver, but the only time he would see Winnipeg is a flat, white landscape with buildings out of a plane window.  The word ‘ruckus’ still gives me the giggles.

Giving me even more giggles, albeit with the occasional wince, is Kathie-Lee and Hoda’s interview with him on the Today Show.  They bascially thought hmm…English….tall….classical profile…must be one of those haughty, English actors.  (They may not say, or use, the word ‘haughty’, but you get my point.)  Have a look at the interview, and pay attention to the last words towards the end:

By the way, the George Stroumboulopoulos interview will happen on December 13th.  For those without televisions, his interviews up up a day or two afterwards on the show’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile I rub my hands gleefully at nine days and counting before opening night.  🙂

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