The Pope Gives Up Being Pope for Lent

When I sat down in front of my laptop, coffee in hand, I nearly spit out my coffee.  The words ‘Pope’ and ‘resignation’ have not happened in 600 years.  When it comes down to resignations, I didn’t expect it from this guy.  When Joseph, Cardinal, Ratzinger got elected as Pope my heart sank.  The guy has his fan boys, usually the kind of guys in the ‘Egads’ column on my dating ledger.  The only way to deal with people like that, beside occasional debating and getting called a ‘bad’ Catholic, is to simply head to mass and try to be a good person.

While I understand people conspiratorial whispers amongst themselves about scandals and rifts, I give the guy credit for his decision.  Pope Benedict could have stuck it out, while the world watched his decline.  We already got used to it with John Paul II, but doing this a second time would diminish the point about reaching old age with courage.  (I don’t agree with JPII, but young people need to see getting old does not mean vanishing.)  Am I optimistic for a more progressive Vatican?  I have a better chance marrying Richard Armitage than that ever happening.  How’s that for an answer?

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Lent.  People will have ashes on their foreheads, including me, and try to walk the desert journey to Easter.  People will give chocolate and TV, Joseph Ratzinger will give up being Pope.  Well, Ratzie, you and never saw eye to eye, but that’s pretty ballsy.



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