The Pope Gives Up Being Pope for Lent

When I sat down in front of my laptop, coffee in hand, I nearly spit out my coffee.  The words 'Pope' and 'resignation' have not happened in 600 years.  When it comes down to resignations, I didn't expect it from this guy.  When Joseph, Cardinal, Ratzinger got elected as Pope my heart sank.  The guy has … Continue reading The Pope Gives Up Being Pope for Lent

Shedding the January Blues

January is a strange month for me.  December brings longer nights and holiday nuttiness, but January turns my brain to mush.  It feels harder to think, tougher to focus, and moodier emotions upon hitting the snooze on my alarm clock.  If I didn't have the running clinic, I would happily eat, sleep, work, come home, … Continue reading Shedding the January Blues