More Avengers Geekiness

Today’s adventure involved a visit to a museum and art gallery in Red Deer.  We met up with a family of seven, good friends of V, for a tour around the exhibits.  The main exhibit talked about food and food safety.  Displays included trying to find ingredients from various time periods.  (Oranges in the 19th and the early 20th century only came during the holiday season as a luxury food.)  I tried to pedal a potato chip off on this bike.  The darn thing told me to ‘Keep Pedalling’.  I kept pedalling and still no word about how long the chip will stay on one of my hips.  The weirdest display involved a mirror (always a good thing in handling an obesity problem) showing a wide self and a skinny self.  I kept to the skinny self, fascinated by my supermodel legs.  As far as educational exhibits go this one needs a good state of mind to enter and partake.

Near the end we gathered in the lobby with its large pool full of giant gold fish.  (May be it’s Koi.)  I chatted with one of the boys while he wondered if the fish felt truly happy in their home.  I mean, he wondered, where would they want to go if they didn’t want to stay in this fish pond in the lobby?  I had to think fast about a response not involving him recounting this traumatic experience to a therapist?  Soon enough the kids bundled into the van, the scene reminding me of a family of Canada Geese and their goslings in a nearby park seen yesterday evening on a walk.

We felt hungry (yeah something every blog reader wants to know) and headed to Bower Place for a nosh and a browse.  The place had a Toys ‘R Us.  V adopted her latest quest….find a Hawkeye action figure.  If she couldn’t bring home Jeremy Renner this proved the next best thing.  (V shot archery before Hunger Games made it a trendy thing.  She even has a long bow.)  We looked high and low.  We saw Iron Man, Captain American, and LOTS of Thor.  Strangely, no Black Widow action figures for a film made by the most pro-kickass woman male director in Hollywood.  (Why?  Discuss.)

We did finally get a Hawkeye action figure.  In fact this little guy exceeded our expectations to find a place on V’s work desk.  In summary we couldn’t find this:

We found this:Right now my netbook still remains on the fritz, a cat purrs next to me, and V takes up her knitting while we wait for pizza.  It’s yet another sunny day here in Lacombe while Winnipeg endures another cold and rainy day.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate for tomorrow’s trip to Jasper.

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