Lazy Sundays in Alberta

Thank you V for the loan of you laptop.

I bought a Acer Inspire One netbook about a year ago or so.  For some reason the thing decided to go ‘boink’ right around the time for a blog entry.  My hostess and friend graciously loaned me her laptop.  So far it’s a lazy Sunday in Lacombe.   The cats keep a distance from the new paper shredder purchased just a few days ago.  I rented a car to get around and had to strong-arm V to make of list of needed errands requiring a vehicle.

Yes, you read correctly…cats plural.

Two of the three felines belong to V.  One is a lovely tortoise-shell kitty named Merry, named after one of the hobbits in Lord of the Rings.  The cat is a little skittish and by that I mean girl will hiss if things feel threatening.  She already gave me a scratch although I meant to keep another cat away from her cat treat.  Merry does love her owner and seems to feel comfortable with my presence at this time.  Gato number 2 goes by Ben.  Ben is an orange cat with a thing for getting his ears scratched.  This cat is a social butterfly with fur, but will get down and dirty with cat number 3.

Cat number 3 calls V’s place a temporary home while its owner tries to find a new place to live.  His name is Nico and looks a little bit like Ben with a lighter orange coat.  Cats get adopted, but I believe this cat adopted me.  I don’t mind getting climbed over, and liberally scratch his belly.  However, Nico doesn’t need to sleep.  A number of times we had to stick the feline in its cat carrier.  (Thank heavens the thing has a top door.)  If we want a shower, or sleep, Nico has to stay put.

Tomorrow we travel to Jasper.  I have a climb to finish on Whistler’s Mountain after we take the tram to a part of the peak with a restaurant plus a trial all the way up to the summit.  It’s one kilometre up and one down.  Last time a friend and I made it part way up before turning around.

I have thought about finishing the thing ever since.

It’s such a modest goal, but I remember turning round to look at the view.  The view already looked spectacular and it provided a taste for what the top will look like after one kilometre.  If a person wanted to hike all the way up, without the tram, it’s 7 k.  The tram cuts an hour out of the trip and it will take nearly 6 to get to Jasper from Lacombe.  This trek is a pilgrimage for me.

The lazy days continue with a need for more caffeine.  Everything comes within walking distance of V’s place, including a Tim’s and another coffee shop.  I can see why she loves it here.  Lacombe not only provided a library job not available in a City like Winnipeg, it also provides a safe place after living in the West End for a number of years.  (Think about it….an urban centre like Winnipeg can’t provide a full-time, regular position, but a Alberta town of about 12,000 can. )

I can go on and on about Manitoba shorting itself economically, but Ben has his motor running for another round of ear scratching.




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